Susan RutherfordPassionate About Branding Integration

Welcome! I’ve been creating and communicating in Silicon Valley since before “i” or “e” preceded every word in our vocabulary. Pre-millennium, I co-founded and led a wildly successful advertising and integrated brand marketing agency for 19 years. I learned that creative without a marketing platform is like a Ferrari without wheels. Nice to look at– but it won’t go anywhere. Solid marketing was at the foundation of everything we did. We now live digital and interactive lifestyles with fleeting and fickle mindshare. Brands must be personal, integrated and engaging for a shot at reaching full potential.

As a consultant with Rutherford Associates, I love collaborating with clients and teams who “get” the value of Branding Integration. They make it their business to seek out every opportunity to see their brand in a fresh new way.

3 Things

I like to write things down. These are three things I never have to write down: 1) I have a knack for simplifying and packaging brand essentials. Creating outstanding conceptual and visual design solutions makes me tick. 2) Motivating and leading a passionate team to do outstanding work rocks my world.
3) Business is becoming less about planning ahead and more about expecting the unexpected- with enthusiasm.


Variety energizes me. Clients hire me to put order to the chaos of branding integration. I design, develop and execute big ideas, brand marketing programs and interactive initiatives. These often include a variety of meshed media led by consistency and a solid marketing platform. I can work seamlessly with your team or I can supplement them with my associates– a team of specialized artists, datajockeys, developers or writers who are matched for the challenge.

The Work

Work is work– unless it’s strategic. Then we make it relevant, engaging, memorable and measureable. Check out the work that inspires me to go back for more everyday. I’m grateful for great clients and outstanding teams that make work a labor of love.

Business is Personal

Every company is in the personal needs fulfillment business. Consumer or B2B, destination or service. We start with understanding the personal needs, wants and expectations of your customer. We want their brand experience to be as personal and fulfilling as possible online and offline. We believe that the brand is the heart and soul of a company and is expressed in every opportunity to meet or exceed the expectations of every client.

Does your marketing revolve around your brand?