• Rutherford Associates can package up your brand essentials and tie them together with a big idea.



  • Rutherford Associates can lead an expedition to every corner of your brand ecosystem. An integrated brand is consistent and fresh across all devices, digital, print and event.


  • Build some buzz. Start with some social polling and a strategic plan to make  your brand personal, integrated and engaging.


Susan Rutherford, Managing Director, Rutherford AssociatesDoes your marketing revolve around your brand? We can help cultivate your integrated brand marketing plan– starting with a fresh idea and grounded by consistency across a variety of media and touchpoints. We now live digital and interactive lifestyles and have a fleeting and fickle mindshare. A brand must be personal, integrated and engaging to thrive and to reach its full potential.

Susan Rutherford
Brand  Consultant, Rutherford Associates