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Ella Health brings a new and improved approach to women’s breast health
Audience: Women seeking peace of mind when it comes to breast health and Physical wellbeing
About: Ella Health empowers women by bringing comfort, care, education to the lives of women through innovative, customer-focused health centers across the nation. They offer access to 3D Mammography, in a spa-like setting, and a variety of women’s physical therapy programs designed specifically for women’s needs. Ella’s three path approach can reduce stress, create peace of mind, and increase well-being.

3D Mammography- The highest level of 3D technology available today, reducing “false positives” by 15%, and Improves invasive Cancer detection by 40%. Exams are more comfortable- administered by experienced technologists who use soft coverings on the machines.

Environment- Ella provides a comfortable environment, complete with the comfort of a warm comfortable Ella robe, aromatherapy, soft music, coffee or tea, and a secure locker for your belongings.

 Physical Therapy- The Women’s Physical Therapy Programs are tailored to each individual and are designed with her specific physical limitations and improvement in mind. The protocols are based on Yoga, Pilates, and fitness routines.