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GTE WirelessConsumer Rates, Services, Reference & Coverage Guide

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GTE WirelessMajor Accounts - Brochure, Plan Sheets & User Guide

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GTE WirelessData Services - Brochure, Plan Sheets & User Guide

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HPChannel Incentives Program - Advertising & Direct Mail


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MagnifiCorporate Brand Brochure and Sales Materials


VisaPromotional Catalog, Catalog Sampler & Rewards Guide


Every medium has its place and despite the wave of digital media,

print is still in demand, going places where digital can’t go.

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IQ Magazine
Audience: C Level and Senior IT Managers
About: IQ stands for “Internet Quotient” and was focused on a technical business audience hungry for the latest trends in networking technology. Approximately 30 designs were developed for various testing and discussion. The magazine was successfully funded and came to be sold on news stands.


GTE California Point of Sale Materials- Consumer Plans, Services, Coverage and Rates
Audience: Current and prospective consumer customers
About: RBG developed and maintained all California GTE Mobilnet, consumer sales and major account sales collateral. We also produced the northern California GTE Wireless CDMA product launch for digital services.

GTE California Major Accounts – Consumer Rate Plans, Services and Coverage Maps
Audience: Sales management in large corporations
About: One of the many programs we developed included the creation of program identities and corporate sales collateral systems, which encompassed GTE Wireless California Major Accounts. This program fostered account activity and fortified corporate major account sales.

GTE California Wireless Data Services- Brochure, Plan Sheets and User Guide
Audience: Sales management in large corporations
About: Our work for GTE Wireless included the development of program identities and corporate sales collateral systems, two of which were the Premier Mobile Group and GTE Mobile Data Group. This program fostered account activity and fortified enterprise account sales.


Channel Incentives Program- Advertising and Direct Mail
Audience: HP Resellers
About: This Reseller channel program encompassed a series of incentives and recruitment tools for enrolling HP resellers including co-branded print advertising, regular direct mail and email campaigns. Additionally, We undertook the development of a centralized reseller channel program; the HP SPIF Central program. The program brand was far reaching and included the development of a Reseller only website; The ONE– “the one place to go for program info”. The site back-ended a massive centralized database for tracking sales and incenting reseller performance. Special incentive funds were used for co-marketing programs with NEC, Merisel, Computerland and many others.


HP Quarterly Print Catalog
Audience: Prospective shoppers and consumer catalog customers
About: As a complement to the online sales presence, the HP Catalog was created to fortify sales and increase traffic to Hundreds of deals and promotions needed to be coordinated and integrated with the online presence, direct mail and banners. Record month-over-month sales were made with both and the HPShopping print catalog.


Corporate Brand Brochure and Sales Materials
Audience: Corporate marketing brand managers, agencies, CIO’s and CTO’s
About: Magnifi was one of the first web-enabled marketing interchanges for the corporate marketing and branding process. The branding was well received by corporations worldwide for a new category of marketing enablement. The launch announced the marketing interchange community across multiple form factors, online and offline– website development, a Flash marketing demo with a lead capture link, press kits, third party templates and digital marketing. The website design and development included dynamic, database generated content and lead capture capabilities.


Promotional Merchandise Catalog, Rewards Sampler, Visa Rewards Guide
Objective: To recruit rewards program participation and showcase rewards
Audience: Merchant Bank Managers
About: The Visa Catalog was designed specifically for use by Visa and Visa member organizations to recruit rewards program participation and showcase rewards. The catalog ranged from luxury gifts to business tools. The small Visa Rewards Guide was integrated into the design for the point-of-distribution at the Olympics held in Atlanta. The guide was translated into 3 languages. The Merchandise Catalog showcased featured rewards merchandise for members.