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3D Connexion

MagnifiWebsite Homepage & Secondary Screen


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Dedicated Devices

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Sonic Wall

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Mehus Construction

B2B Websites make our new world go around– they’re an important anchor

for global and local brands. Websites often enable brands to compete on a

on a level playing field.

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Website Development
Audience: Professional users of motion controllers
About: This website represented an extensive product line with a variety of user interests and skill levels that drove the character of the navigation. The website development encompassed animated demos, database integration, automated updates, and collected user information. The homepage featured an animated Flash product demo utilized for the Space Mouse Pro product launch.


Website Development
Audience: Corporate brand professionals and agencies
About: Magnifi was one of the first web-enabled marketing interchange for the corporate marketing and branding process. The corporate brochure and folder was branded across the website, a Flash marketing demo with a lead capture link, press kits, third party templates and digital marketing. The website design and development included a CMS, automated updates, database generated content and lead capture capabilities.


Website Development
Audience: Consumers, new home builders and system installers
About: The product brand; Digital Life, was designed to be the easiest and most ready-to-use, home entertainment network systems on the market. With an audience split between consumers, new homebuilders and system installers, the website was an important tool in fulfilling a variety of needs. The website was designed to be lifestyle centric with a clean and bright look and feel. The website is integrated across a mix of online, print, product packaging, direct response and digital marketing.


Website Development
Audience: Corporate marketing and advertising agency media buyers
About: The Silicon View website was recognized by the Web Marketing Association with a Standard of Excellence award for outstanding achievement in web development. The site helped to emulate the SiliconView electronic billboard’s ad rotations through a live feed of the electronic billboard’s activity. The site was easy to navigate and brought the one-of-a-kind billboard to life. The brand integration included the creation of the website consistent throughout various media; print advertising, the SiliconView billboard advertising, media kits and an informative video educating media buyers.


Website Development
Audience: CIO’s and CTO’s for enterprise, MSP’s and small to medium businesses
About: Sonic Wall is a provider of intuitive security solutions to control, manage and protect networks of all sizes easily and automatically. The SonicWall website was part of a new branding and positioning campaign consisting of strong product and corporate awareness advertising, a new website architecture, design and banner ads. Their technical, product-focused website was transformed into an end-user solution-based resource. Content specific information and graphics were developed for four key target markets and offered vertically oriented information.


Website Development
Audience: High end developers and property owners
About: Mehus Construction has built a best-in-class brand with a reputation as being the “builder’s builder”. The Mehus client roster reads like the Who’s Who of large land developers in Silicon Valley. The website design and development was focused on streamlining the home building process and enhancing the experience of selecting home features and materials for the client and obtaining milestone approvals. As a showcase for completed projects, the user has access to a database driven photo gallery of some of the most beautiful luxury homes in California.