Children’s Discovery MuseumCorporate Brand ID & Application

Children’s Discovery Museum

Children’s Discovery MuseumCorporate Brand ID Candidates

Children’s Discovery Museum

Rutherford Bolen GroupCorporate Brand ID & Application

Rutherford Bolen Group

Dedicated DevicesCorporate and Product Brand ID & Application

Dedicated Devices

LogitechProduct ID & Application


TelocityCorporate Brand ID & Application


Lisa’s Tea TreasuresCorporate Brand ID & Application

Lisa’s Tea Treasures

SoftbookProduct ID & Application


Even though a brand is more than a logo, a brand mark and tagline have a significant

role in driving brand identity and memorability of a brand.

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Corporate Brand ID and Brand Application
Audience: Children ages 1-13 and their families
About: The Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose is one of the most inspiring and vibrant learning environments in the San Francisco Bay area. Online surveys by loyal and prospective museum visitors revealed a need for a new brand mark for the museum. As a board member of 7 years, I came to understand the intangible signs of curiosity in all of us and particularly kids. The new brand mark candidates all reflected the notion of curiosity, inspiration and discovery. Out of 30+ studies, we show 3 prospects and one favorite here. What’s your vote?


Corporate Brand ID and Brand Application
Audience: CMO’s, VP Marketing, business owners, VCs, marketing consultants
About: Always, tongue in cheek with a flare for the sophisticated, we never took ourselves too seriously. The RBG brand walked a line between high service professionalism and light-hearted fun. From the color and wit of the office interior, brand mark and ads to the holiday client gifts, brand identity and online communications, it was clear that RBG enjoyed creating brand experiences. With 20 years of experience building brands for clients from a variety of industries, we understood that branding is more than a logo – It’s the heart and soul of a company and every opportunity to meet or exceed the expectations of every client.


Product ID and Brand Application
Audience: Consumers, new home builders and system installers
About: The product brand; Digital Life, was designed to be the easiest and most ready-to-use, home entertainment network system on the market. The brand mark is reflective of sound transmission with contemporary lines and plenty of color to perform well on a clean identity system. The brand identity is designed to be lifestyle centric with a clean, casual look and feel.


Product ID and Brand Application
Audience: Professional users of Adobe Creative Suite
About: Logitech, as a global provider of personal computer accessories, develops and markets peripheral devices for PCs. As a new and innovative graphics controller; NuLooq was created for professional users of Adobe Creative Suite. The brand mark was designed with the round product form factor in mind. The mark lends itself well to the user interface application and conveys a “tech” look and feel.


Product ID and Brand Application
Audience: DSL users
About: Telocity was a start-up company with a mission to build a consumer brand based on technology. They provided high speed Internet access through DSL service. In addition to the corporate name we developed a logo that was symbolic of speed and was legible in a wide variety of applications. We created a series of emoticons to drive the brand personality which was communication centric.


Corporate ID and Brand Application
Audience: Premium tea consumers
About: Nordstrom complimented this unique packaging when they picked up this exclusive tea line from Lisa’s Tea Treasures. The brand identity features a fictitious Russian “Tea Princess” who was branded as part of an integrated campaign including store interiors, exteriors, menus, franchise sales materials, venture funding presentations, consumer packaging systems, catalogs and collateral. The script style brand mark appeals to a discerning female consumer audience seeking a unique brand experience.


Product ID and Brand Application
Audience: Merchant bank managers
About: This product was the genesis of eReaders! Long before the iPad or Kindle, Softbook was the first touchscreen eReader available to the consumer and enterprise market. The Softbook Press provided a network of digital content accessible by subscription similar to the content models of today. Unfortunately, It was ahead of its time and was eventually acquired by TV Guide. The Softbook product deserves a place in history.