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Saratoga Systems

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Sonic Wall

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Pruneyard Shopping Center

Advertising is one if the oldest forms of marketing in the book.

The advertising industry has undergone seismic changes due to the

impact of digital forms of media. The cultural impact has raised

the bar for honesty and memorability in advertising.

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Corporate Print Advertising
Audience: Corporate marketing and advertising agency media buyers
About: SiliconView is the electronic billboard in Silicon Valley. With its bright LED technology, “the brightest idea in outdoor advertising” was created as the tagline. The Harris pole that was commissioned for this project revealed useful information on which to build effective branding and advertising. Our agency was in the perfect position to walk the talk by creating outdoor ads that were displayed on the SiliconView billboard – and they all looked good, day and night, rain or shine. This visibility drove media buys in the bay area that created a waiting list for ad space on the board.


Corporate Print Advertising
Audience: CIOs and CTOs in large enterprises
About: Visionael was positioned as a provider of network knowledge management  for enterprises, enabling clear visibility into the corporate network. This ad campaign captured the essence of Visionael’s network knowledge management solution which documented every aspect of a network from the smallest circuit to the largest WAN. The ad concept “Locate the smallest leaf to the biggest branches and everything that hangs off of them” says it all. Visionael’s highly technical positioning was translated visually with a concept that makes Visionael’s value simple. The second print ad was built on the campaign headline–“Capture the smallest detail or plan for the next great wave”.


Product Print Advertising
Audience: Professional graphic designers
About: The split screen ad, depicts “Great Price vs. Great Color”. In other words – what the left-brain sees vs. what the right-brain sees. The three ads on the right were executed for two product divisions. The ads received coverage in CA Magazine, a renowned design magazine. The ad highlighted the importance of accurate color performance and the convenience of proofing it in-house. The advertising was the basis for several integrated campaigns and industry acclaim.


Product Print Advertising
Audience: Merchant bank managers
About: HP put their technology up front in this ad, featuring their PhotoREt 2 technology that took the dot screen out of a printed image, replacing it with smooth gradations. “Bye-bye dpi” references the elimination of “dots per inch”. The ads were also part of an integrated campaign with channel promotions, direct mail and presentations. The PhotoREt2 icon design needed to be multicolored and multi textured with blends so that when it was printed out it would serve as a print sample for HP reseller product demos.


Corporate Print Advertising
Audience: Small and medium sized businesses
About: This series of ads was targeted at small and medium sized businesses such as medical, legal, accounting and other data intensive businesses. The “solutions” ads ran in vertical business publications for SMB’s that were focused on high productivity.  These proprietors always needed more time to focus on their business – not their computer problems. A Technology Guide for small business was awarded through the call-to-action. This campaign was integrated with direct mail to support demand generation efforts. Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard co-branded the promotions and were quite happy with the results.


Corporate Print Advertising
Audience: Enterprise sales management
About: Saratoga Systems is a leader in Customer Relationship Management. With an impressive list of Fortune 500 customers, the company experienced a breakthrough with new brand positioning when our agency stepped in. It began with new corporate positioning: Saratoga Systems – “Synchronize your Enterprise”. The corporate advertising leveraged the positioning in a series of ads that ran in global industry publications for the introduction of the new corporate brand. Advertising and direct mail were also used for the global introduction of the new product brand; “Avenue”.


Product Print Advertising
Audience: System administrators and CTO’s
About: Sonic Wall had a great product but little awareness in the reseller channel at the time. The ads developed strong awareness and channel demand. The advertising and the website spoke to their competitive strengths. A vertical industry strategy, helped to develop their channel relationships. Ultimately, Sonic Wall broadened their offerings and has since been acquired by Dell.


Product Print Advertising
Audience: Electronic payment processors and merchants
About: VeriFone is a leader in electronic payments at the merchant counter top and has since extended their position to include secure electronic payments over the Internet. These ads launched the VeriFone Verix platform, which further advanced the demand for smart, multitasking hardware on the merchant counter top. The “Counter Intelligence” ad received industry acclaim for highest recall in a print category.


Destination Print Advertising
Audience: Retail shoppers
About: Economic pressures had been tough on retail. Attracting shoppers took more than fine merchandise. The environment at Pruneyard Shopping Plaza was a reflection of a newly adopted strategy to create a lifestyle environment. The ratio of retail to entertainment and personal services was favored by lifestyle experiences. Visitors were attracted to the dining, theaters and personal services. So an emphasis on leisurely shopping was called for. The print ad shown is based on that objective.