MacrovisionSummit User's Group Event Roll-in


ISP Channel"Run with the Fast Crowd" TV Commercial

ISP Channel

SiliconViewSiliconView Billboard Infomercial


Lucas Graduate School"Silicon Valley Achievements" Video

Lucas Graduate School

PeopleSoftPeopleSoft Six Launch Event Roll-in


Motion can tell a story like no other medium. It engages our senses and

makes messages memorable– translating our encounter into an experience.

Motion can be leveraged like no other medium.

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Summit User’s Conference Event Intro
Audience: Conference Attendees
About: The video drives the theme of the Summit User’s Conference: “Staying Ahead of the Curve”. A big beat and fast machines give the eye candy flavor.


Broadcast TV Commercial
Audience: Consumers of high speed Internet services
About: “Run with the Fast Crowd” is the theme of this 30-second commercial look at the customers experience of ISP’s high speed Internet service.


SiliconView Billboard Infomercial
Audience: Corporate marketing and advertising agency media buyers
About: This educational video covers the features and benefits of the SiliconView electronic billboard. With dramatic “fly-over” views of the board, the viewer can experience the quality and impact the LED technology adds to the view.


Silicon Valley Achievements Video
Audience: Current students and international student prospects
About: The “Silicon Valley Achievements” video is a compilation of infamous valley entrepreneurs as they share historical insights about Silicon Valley that inspire students to become part of the Silicon Valley scene. Two other videos narrated by Walter Cronkite and Leonard Nimoy, and an interview with Steve Jobs, are also available on the Lucas School homepage.


PeopleSoft Six Launch Event Roll-in
Audience: Customers, prospects, press and analysts
About: The PeopleSoft Six, two-hour launch event and live satellite broadcast from London, began with this video introduction. This roll-in sets the theme for visual and messaging consistency. A video about the making of the PeopleSoft Six Launch event is available upon request.